Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Life's Irony

A couple of months ago when I was struggling with work and 'trying to get a life', I wanted to blog every single minute. Or read a blog.
Or craft.
Or do something fun.
Or decorate the house.

Now that I have plenty of time on my hands (well, sort of), I'm barely doing any of those.
It was really just picking up the mess at home.
I really don't know how we can still have the 'Just-shifted' mess from six months ago.
There is never-ending laundry.
The house gets dusty within an hour after cleaning.
I just feel like sleeping.
And I'm on my phone, instagramming every single moment I'm awake.
I just got lazy to switch on the laptop, craft, or do anything fun.

How ironic!

Whatever the case, it's time to put myself together and get things going.
Something big in two weeks time.
Loads of planning, organising and getting things ready.
This also means that all mess the two adults created must disappear within this two weeks.
The house must be free from clutter and ready for decorating.
All things must be ready.
And I need to chuck some bits of flab just so I can fit into my clothes.

And hopefully a month later when I return to this blog baby of mine, it will be filled with sheep, greens and snow. :)

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