Friday, July 20, 2012

Collecting Happiness

7 is the magic number.
It must be.
Any day I wake up before 7, I'll feel the headache that persists even if I take naps.
Long naps.
Days when I get out of bed at 7, I'm more alive and ready for the day.

7 is the magic number.
It is.

The hubby had to wake up early all week.
As I'm working towards 'Stepford Wife', I found it necessary to get his water and breakfast ready.
Waking up as early as 0630 is a good thing.
I got to collect sunshine and happiness these few days.
Gorgeous morning clouds.

If you absolutely hate clouds, you are advised to leave the page now.
Cuz it'll be cloud madness from now.

Let me share my sunshine and happiness with you.
Have a great Friday! :)



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