Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Newly Employed!

Well... I decided to leave my first ambition for my next one (which is more important to me now!!) about a month ago.

Two weeks ago, I was officially newly employed and I originally had a post on my new employment.
That was before my usual gastritis attacks.
Then things changed and that post became useless.

I was constantly sleepy and feeling under the weather those two weeks.
I'm quite lucky my new employer was rather cool about it.
Those two weeks. I only did a couple of exciting things.

I met up with my lovelies for lunch at Antoinette's. Gotta love their cakes.

I gymmed once. (Once. Yeah ally.. I'll go soon. Soon! I promise!!)

I visited a dear friend and I so happy about it I posted a very misleading status on Facebook which led to friends thinking I was pregnant. Well...

This week, life as homemaker officially starts.
Just three days and I've been enjoying it so far.
I guess it would have been more enjoyable if the weather was slightly cooler, and my eyes could open slightly bigger. But still, so far so good.

My mornings start with cloud shoots that could last an hour if they are ever changing and awesome like this:


Breakfast over an episode of whatever K drama/ Running Man.
Then cleaning the house.
And staring at the long list of deep cleaning chores, wondering when I would actually finish them.
Especially when we just brought home bags of clothes we left behind at my in-law's, and I have to wash them.
Some blog reading and blogging.

And slowly learning my ways in being a homemaker.

I have a long list of simple home projects I wanted to start on.

My goal is to be that hot, awesome wife who cooks and bakes in a pretty frock, in a lovely little kitchen in a sparkling clean home.
Something like this:

Not quite possible.
Still, stay with me and wish me luck as I work my way to Stepford Wife!!

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