Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Doddle tools

Sometimes, a doodler needs good tools too.

I used to doodle using Adobe's Fireworks when I still had it on my girly computer.
I spent days, doodling a 'Save the Date' card for my wedding. (which I did not print and send)
I doodled backgrounds for my PowerPoint Presentations.
I doodle lots of nonsense on the Fireworks.

Then come this manly lappy without Adobe Fireworks.
I could only doodle in Paint. Which, of course has its limitations.
I really really wanted a change in the header.
You see I did.
But those lovebirds look awkwardly pixelated, don't they?

To make my point that I needed to purchase another Adobe set for this lappy, I forced made the hubby check out my blog.

Which he did.
And which he burst out laughing.
"It looks awkward. Ahahahahahahha....."

I made my point.
And I smell my Fireworks approaching. :)

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