Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I wanted to be like them.

When I was younger, a lot younger, I was inspired by these 5 wonderful people.
5 people I find so talented that I figured that if I can't be a teacher, I wanna be like them.
How fun would it be working with kids?

Charli's my favourite.
But I like Tim's musical segment best.
loooove Kathleen's voice. Though I don't quite get Jup Jup.
I admired Nathan's enthusiasm and everytime Kellie does phonics with Chat, I actually follow along. (I was fifteen. Or was I eighteen then?)

I found out that they have to come up with the contents of the segments themselves and they are each talented in their own way.

Know who I'm talking about?
Brother watched Hi-5 alot when he was little. He had the show recorded, so it would be played on the tv the entire day. And we listened to the songs up to n times a day.
This was his favourite, and the first one sis and I danced to.
It was quite crazy then.

This was the one me and my JC mates sang to:

This is my favorite, and the only one I could remember the lyrics to.

And I loved all of these..
I still do.

They don't even have the video for this... :(

Those days....
... I printed out the lyrics to the songs,
... learnt the dance steps,
... joined the Hi-5 Yahoo Group where moms discuss about weird stuff.

I was a Hi-5 fan.

How did I get all sentimental?
A dear friend posted about Hi-5 on FB and the bug bit me.
But the cast have changed since and I haven't quite gotten used to the new ones yet.
I'll go get my Hi-5 fix on Youtube.

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