Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sorry. Just let me rant.

I've been getting more of the "Are you.....?" questions lately due to my health status.

Mainly due to the fact that I often...
... complain of back pains,
... have my hands on my tummy,
...or hands on my chest,
... or look like I'm going to throw up,
... or get dizzy spells.

Much as I'd loved to,

My hands are on my tummy because I'm colicky and rubbing it makes me feel a little better.
My back hurts as much, if not more than the expectant mothers because I do have a back condition that keeps me uncomfortable most of the time.

I have my hands on my chest and feel like throwing up because of my gastritis and acid reflux issues.
My chest feels darn tight and breathing and talking can be a chore.

As for dizzy spells, I don't know why I get them.
It's probably that ladies' thing, or it may have to do with my back.
I do not know.

I know all the questions were out of concern, but no one knows how much I really want to have a baby and we have to put our plans on hold because of my health issues. So all these questions make me uncomfortable, occassionally jealous, and most of the time lousy.

I used to laugh it off and say that it must be my expectant friend's hormones that causing me to have such symptoms. But it's really not funny.

And I just want to get better soon.
Real soon.
Let's just start with breathing properly okie?

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