Sunday, May 06, 2012

An (imaginary) Avengers Marathon Party

I saw an interview with the casts of 'The Avengers' on tv today.
And a light bulb lit in my head.
I told the hubby we should collect all the DVDs, so that I can watch my favourite scenes over and over again.
And I could throw a marathon party too!

"Go count how many DVDs w got to buy," and the hubby said no.

So, I had to imagine that I do have all these DVDs.

 Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details  

With that, I'm going to throw an imaginary marathon party.
Because I know my friends would love a party like that.

(And yes. I'm STILL on 'The Avenger's' high.
Even though I'm not a Marvel fan.
Then I figured.... I'm a superhero fan.)

I'd wear:

Dresses in the colour of my favourites...

image of Lock Be a Lady Dress             image of Cue the Compliments Dress          image of Mast of Disguise Dress

And  if lil' sis could help, maybe fancy makeup too.

The house will look like this:

An interesting print.

And of course, a bunting in all colours.

We'll eat:

Avengers cupcakes!
Avengers Cupcakes

The 'Captain America's' cupcake is my favourite. Just like how I imagined it would be.

 And my dear friends will go home with these:

Source: via Ana on Pinterest


Once again, thank you for being part of my imaginary party.
I sure hope you had fun.

Now click on the pictures/links to link back to the original websites! :)


  1. I'll bring the DVDs. You just prepare the rest. ;)

    1. Oh Ally!! I can't bake! :P And I can't afford those cool-looking gadgets. Hee.. But I could decorate the house a wee bit and we can have colour coded food. :)