Monday, May 28, 2012

My Summer Break

While my sweet cousins are having their summer break halfway across the globe,
my long-awaited June break starts today!
One that is much needed for me to recuperate from the madness during the renovation last December.

This June...

1. Bake something.
2. Hang out with family.
3. Hang out with the girls.
4. Hang out with work buddies.
5. Cook at least three times a week.
6. Decorate the library area.
7. Make a fabric bunting.
8. Pretty my nails.
9. Edit the honeymoon and travel photos.
10. Make a short honeymoon video (that is 2 years late).

a. Finish up what I need to for work.
b. Cleaning up the house.

Just 10 items on the list for now.
I'm keeping it SMART.


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