Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{Little Bits of Married Life #6} - Blessed

Things get rather sucky when you are unwell.


I spent my first 3 days of my June break fighting a headache.
I lost.
It brought along its friends, Dizzy and Nausea.
But 3 sounds lonely so good ol' Backache decided to join in the fun.

Despite the up and downs, and squabbles as a couple,
I'm learning to appreciate this man more.
All the things he do.
Especially taking time off from work when I'm unwell.
And doing the chores even when he is really tired and should rest.
I love it when he always ask "How does the floor feel? Is it nice to step on it?" every.single.time after he vacuums the floor. This guy needs affirmation too, I see.


I'm blessed to have this man in my life.
Even though he gets really irritating at times.

But I guess that's part of a marriage.

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