Friday, June 01, 2012

{Philips Air Fryer} - Breaded Mushrooms (Trial)

It wasn't quite easy finding recipes online for the Philips Air Fryer.
A dear friend cautioned me that I gotta be careful with the settings of the air fryer cuz "it takes a while to get used to them".

I thought it'll be good for me to jot down the settings somewhere so that I won't forget them.
I could write these down in a book but I'll never remember where I keep the book.
So here it goes...

Breaded Mushrooms (the trial)
(following part of this recipe and Ally's suggestions on adding parmesan cheese)

1.  Clean and pat dry mushrooms (with stalks removed).
2.   Dip in flour.
3.   Dip in egg.
4.   Dip in mixture of breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese.
5.   Preheat air fryer on 180°C.
6.   Fry the mushrooms at 180°C for 4 minutes.
7.   Shake the basket.
8.   Fry mushrooms at 160°C for another 3 minutes.
9.   Enjoy.

The mushrooms turned out OK, but it wasn't as juicy as I thought it might be.
I used Swiss Brown and white button mushrooms.

I still like the breaded mushrooms from Jacob's Cafe most.
Guess I should go back again one day.


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  3. can you reupload image?i want to see this recipe.

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