Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Scheduled Posts and smiling again.

Scheduled posts are good.

It allows you to write when you get 'blogger's diarhhoea', and yet not flood the blog with posts in one day.
It also allows happy posts even when the day is really bad.

I'm glad I did some scheduled posts over the weekend.
Else the blog will be full of unhappiness.
Which is not what it is meant to be.

Instead, I get to remember only the happy things when I do scheduled posts for weekdays.

I was a wreck (again) a couple of days ago.
I talked to a friend and she helped me get out of it. The mess. :)
I knew what my problem was.
I knew I wasn't happy (for quite a while).
Blogging and other supposedly happy things didn't help anymore.
I needed someone who shared similar experiences pull me out of my mess.

During the chat, I realised I prayed less.
When I was still staying with my parents, I prayed a lot.
Maybe because we have a Guan Yin statue at home and I knew she was listening when I prayed.
I also talked to the stars then.
I know I'm weird, but the twinkling stars (or satellites) always made me feel better.

When I moved to my in-laws, I didn't really pray so often.
I still talked to the stars though.
And it helped.
Now we are staying on our own, I prayed a lot less.
And I cannot see any stars!!!
Then I figured what the problem was.

I . had . no . stars . to . talk . to ...

Now that I've come to terms with it, I feel a little lighter.
And I think I smiled a little more today.


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