Thursday, April 26, 2012

An (imaginary) Cloud Party

Remember that I said it'll be kinda nice to have a 'sky photography' party at my place?
Well, kind of.

This is what it should look like.

I'd wear:

lucky happy cloud earring studs in sterling silver (size small), handmade in beautiful Cornwall, UK
A pair of cute cloud earrings

And a pretty dress.
           image of Seasonings of Love Dressimage of Rainbow Drops Dressimage of Sundress of My Lifeimage of Anything For You Dress

The house will look like this:

With some pretty garlands in the day,

Portland Raindrop and Cloud garland

Paper Cloud Garland Home Decor

And fluffy lit up clouds at night.

We'll eat:

Lovely cupcakes:

And drink from straws like these:

25 Light Aqua Blue Paper Straws, Party Striped Straws

I'm bad at cooking and baking.
The hubby is bad at entertaining guests.

So until we get better at it (please let it be soon...), let's just do with an imaginary one.
Thank you for being part of it.
I hope you had fun! :)

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