Saturday, April 14, 2012

The boys who made me cry.

Those who know me well, knows of my very active tear glands.
I tear at almost everything.

Movies (every single one of them)
blog posts,
a fertilized egg I cracked (and almost cooked).

Two boys made me cry this weekend.

An eight year old who gives and shares so readily.
The eight year old who puts me to shame.
Who else but Ashley Ann's eldest?

And this nine-year-old whom I guess most people know of.
I just got to see this video today.

I'd totally play in his arcade.
It's elaborate, despite being made out of cardboard.
And the Fun Pass code?



  1. That was such a great video! Caine is such a cutie genius. Hee. And I teared up too. ;)

    1. Hee Ally...He is!! And I know you'd play at his arcade too right?

  2. Of course! But because I don't think I'll ever go, I've donated some money to his scholarship fund. Hee. Gonna think of it as my Fun Pass. :p