Monday, January 09, 2012

{Little Bits of Married Life #4} - Sweaty palms?

I have a serious lack of happy posts these days, so I'm really glad this came along.
Even though he made me roll my eyes at him.

I was reading this blog post when big drops of tears fell uncontrollably.
I mean, this boy is barely eight and he is so giving... He puts me to shame.
And the photos of him and his little sister just made me miss my lil' sis and brother even more.
Hence, more tears.
My table was wet by the end of that few minutes.

The Mr. accidentally touched that spot on the table and said (rather innocently), "Sweaty palms?"

Oh, men...

[Sidenote: I do not have a history of sweaty palms. And he knows that.]

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