Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011. Hello 2012!

A couple more hours to 2012.

I didn't even realise it is New Year's eve until an hour ago.
What have I been doing the whole day??


* I started this blog to 'force' myself to have happy thoughts.
   I was a rather depressed soul then.

* I (kind of) confronted my fears and (kind of) came to terms with it.

* I figured blog therapy was good for my mental health. And I read them everyday.

* I tried to see through the lens. I wanted photos for every blog post. Alas, the camera is too heavy for my poor little back, I kind of stopped.

* I learnt the importance of hanging out with friends. Especially those Fun Fridays.

* I'm grateful for my family and my little Santa, who brings me stuff all the time.
   *Winks* Lil' sis, you know it's you!

* I got addicted to Pinterest, this sweet thing that helped me organise ideas for the new house. It has expanded ever since and I now have 28 boards of inspirations.

* We got our new place. And is in the process of making it our home. It was a challenging process, I must say. More till the house is ready and we move.

* I learnt to appreciate the hubby.

* I tried cooking.


I just wanna be a better me.

Very broad.
But beats making a long list of resolutions which I cannot follow.
What about you?

Happy 2012 and may the new year be an awesome one filled with happiness, bliss and joy. :)

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