Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thinking positive.

2012.. I promised to be a better me.

So let's just stick to the positive thoughts.

Well, 3 weeks into 2012 and it had been a roller-coaster ride.

Reno hiccups.
Grouchy hubby.
Wacky tummy... (I used to eat every 2 - 3 hours but my system got wacky and I did not feel hunger at all for the past week. Needless to say, Ms. Gastritis popped by for a visit and she was mean.)

So... looking on the bright side...

Despite the reno hiccups and my wacky tummy, one good thing came out of it : Weight loss.

Chinese New Year is in a couple of days' time.
I hope that from then on, I'll only have happy stuff to share here. :)

Sidenote: I understand now, how colicky babies feel. It must be terrible. Especially if their only way of expressing is through crying. At least I can whine, rant and curse.

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