Saturday, March 31, 2012

A pair of lovers

Having lived with boxes of unpacked stuff for two months, the hubby decided to make me clean out the boxes.

We attempted a little organising.
Which was a good thing, because as I opened up my treasure chest, I unveiled a couple of forgotten items, mostly souvenirs from the holidays we'd been to.
I'd expect the hubby to find most of them familiar.
But nope. The Mr.'s eyes grew wider and wider as I pulled out more things from the boxes.
Throughout that whole 15 minutes, all he said was (in disbelief), "When did you buy that?"

Haha.... Men...


I found this small metal cage thing I bought from Daiso a couple of months back.
Just nice to display my earrings.

As I fooled played around with my earrings, I noticed that my favourite pair looked like pair of lovers, kissing under their 'Eiffel Tower'.

They do, don't they?

And oh, that's a pair of fox earrings.
Even though everyone I came across insisted that they were a pair of 'cute dogs'.
They. are. foxes.

I'm weird I know.
But it's the weekends. :)