Sunday, April 01, 2012

7 Things This Week.

Other than getting a real nasty attack of GERD (at least that's what the doc diagnosed), I did nothing worth mentioning on any of the weekdays this week.

So here are the more 'exciting' things I did over the weekends.

1. We attempted to clean out the house.

2. I cooked.

The Lemon Butter Fish was a real flop.
I found it alright but the hubby felt a little weird after eating it./
"It's too oily."
That's a fail.

Today's baked rice was slightly better.
In fact, the hubby loves it.
Because I added lots and lots of cheese.

3. I enjoyed beautiful view. Right from my couch.
What a treat. :)

Saturday morning was both sunny and breezy.
Check out those clouds..

4. I shopped for tea at home.

The sister bought me some yummies from Marks and Spencers.
I ordered them via whatsapp at 12.30 am in the morning, awoken by a phone call from my cousin.
Just so I can be texting my lil santa while she's shopping in London.

Today I 'shopped' for tea from my kitchen.
And drank it with this.

This is life.

5. The hubby watched 'Once Upon A Time'.

Only because we ran out of 'Big Bang Theory' to watch. And I told him that Once Upon A Time has a rather interesting plot. A challenging one where he won't be able to predict what's gonna happen before anything does. Sometimes I wonder if that is his 'superpower' or are all the shows and movies we watched thus far so predictable...

He's at Episode 3 now, wondering who exactly Sheriff Graham is in Fairytale Land.
Of course, it helped that this man knows very very little about fairytales.
(Insert smug look.)

6. I did this quiz Ally posted on her blog.

The questions were easy to answer.
And this is my design personality.

7. I made a list for next weekend.

Did I mention that we are having a long weekend this coming week due to Good Friday?? :D
So much to look forward to this coming week!

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