Friday, March 30, 2012

The need to read

I haven't been reading books for a long time simply because...

1. All my good reads are at my mum's place.
2. I like to read children's books.
3. There's simply not enough time for me to complete a book in a day.
    ( I need to finish reading a book asap once I start. Weird habit since young.)

I'm happy I follow blogs.
Epecially those listed in the sidebar. ----->
I have my favourites that I have to read daily.
Just so that the day is complete.

I haven't read a single blog this week.
Not one.
Such a torture.

I'm gonna to pamper myself with blog reads tonight.
To make up for that nasty gastritis attack these 2 days.


I'm looking forward to seeing these in my 'library'.

Little Miss Complete Collection
Mr. Men: My Complete Collection

Dr. Seuss's Book of Bedtime Stories: 3 Books in 1
Dr. Seuss: A Classic Treasury

I wished I had bought some of them earlier because the version look too kiddy now.
Where did those vintage looking ones go?

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