Friday, March 16, 2012

Let them try. :)

If there's anything I learnt about parenting today, it's to

Let. Them. Try.

I can foresee myself being a rather paranoid parent who's afraid to let my children try new things on their own.

"Don't go near the water!"
"Don't touch the mud!"
"Don't take the camera!"
"You are not allowed to touch knives!"
"Get away from the fan!"
"Don't climb!"

At least when I was taking care of my little brother when he was really small (and tiny. And cute.), I was a very protective big sister. I'd also freak out when little cousins go too near the pool. Or when they walk near the fans. Because they will might hurt themselves.

Before today, I'd not allow little hands to touch my camera because "they will break it". The lens especially. They'll leave fingerprints all over the lens. Or worse still, they may break the camera into bits.

Somehow, today, I allowed a friend's girl to try out my camera. All by herself.
She's such a responsible little girl, ensuring that she had the camera strap on at all times and handled the camera with great care.
She had so much fun taking photographs.
Us adults had fun watching her.

A 28-month old girl who's an aspiring photographer.
We know because like a pro, she'll go through great lengths just to get the perfect shot.
Like bending backwards.
Or going to the far corner of the room just to get everyone in the frame.
And directing her own artistic shots.
Like this:

I'm really glad I let her try.
I won't forget the look she had on her face when she managed to capture Baby Keegan (another friend's baby) and his Daddy.
She was beaming with pride.
Well done, Raeanne!!
I'm so proud of you!!!

I'm suddenly reminded of the Mastercard ad (I'll do a short one):

The Canon G11: $799.
The smile on her face: Priceless.

I promise that when it's time and my little ones come along, I'll let them try and get them to participate in any activity they can.

Let's just end off with another shot I really like. :)

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