Sunday, October 23, 2011

{Weekend Walks} Breakfast at Jacob's

Saturday morning.

I got to sleep in late and wake up to the perfect weather (not the usual hot and humid).
Hubby suggested breakfast at Jacob's Cafe in Changi Village and within an hour, we were out of the house.

(Have I mentioned how Jacob's Cafe has a special spot in my little heart? It where we had dinner before the hubby : my king, my boy, my everything, popped the question.)

Cool weather (almost temperate),
Christmas songs playing in the background,
yummy English Breakfast.

I appreciate how lucky I am.
This, is life.

I looooove that my plate had lots of baked beans!

I was smacked into reality after the scrumptious breakfast when we went to Singapore Expo for the Creative Living fair.

But that's another post. :)

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