Saturday, August 20, 2011

{House Talk} - Furniture hunt *Kitchen

So, we went to the 'My Home 2011' exhibition at Singapore Expo last weekend in search of some inspiration for the new house.


I do not have an exact idea of how my house should look like.
A couple of years back, I envisioned my home to be a cozy country home with lots of brown and bears and a cute little fireplace.
A couple of months ago, I came across shabby chic. White with green and pink would be sweet!
Then just last week, I decided that do not want 'country-country' but rather a mix of country, modern and a little bit of.. umm... raw. Maybe something french-y. Then I decided that I should go for clean, white, airy with pops of colours.
I told you I couldn't make up my mind.
And the hubby wants 'anything'.


We walked the entire exhibition hall and showed no interest in any piece of furniture until we saw that white, wooden dining table. That's it. We are going with white. And wood. Maybe a little country. But not too country.

In order not to repeat the mistake of not doing enough research then regretting later, we thought we could search for some kitchen designs first. Even though the house wouldn't be ready till probably half a year later.

For the past two weekends, we checked out our options.

C.C. had that neat, sleek, white, yet a little country kitchen design I wanted. Yes, I think you are the one.
The guy who served us so happened to be the designer cum carpenter and he knows his stuff well. He gave us some rather good advice and was pretty candid about their charges. 'It's a little steep', he said.
Great and insightful experience, we left happy.

F.W. was the next we intended to check out but they weren't open. Though we were there during the opening hours as stated in the website.

T.C.C. had nice knick knacks. The kitchen designs weren't really what I wanted. And things were fine till we spoke to the designer who, unfortunately, didn't seem quite to know her stuff. The hubby felt unwelcomed and I thought I spoke more professtionally than the designer did. The prices were waaay higher than C.C's.
The worst best part? They photocopied our floor plans yet refused to return them to us cuz the quotations were written on it. S-t-r-a-n-g-e.
By the end an hour, T.C.C was out of the game.

I guess I'll decide only when I see the actual kitchen, but deep in my heart, I already knew what it will be. =)


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