Thursday, July 28, 2011


I'm that kind of strange girl who know it's time...

... for a facial when my eyes feel all achey,
... to trim my hair when my head feels achey (they massage the head when they shampoo!)
... to change the sheets when I don't have a good night's sleep.

When I feel all bleah about life, it's usually because I feel as lifeless as my tresses are.
And that's when I need a haircut.

I don't usually do haircuts because I'm  really lazy and I feel that I can put that one hour to better use.
But when the hair gets so long it sucks away all my happiness, I gotta let them go.

I snipped a third today.
I'd totally chop them to shoulder length but the stylist advised me to take things gradually.
'The hair will get a shock. Not you!', he said.
Funny guy.

It sounded like my hair needs to get used to being so light after being weighed down for so long. So cutting it really short will make my hair look weird instead.
Think he makes sense.
I'll take it slowly then!

And with this, I can check of one more thing off my girly to-do list!


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