Saturday, February 26, 2011

101 things around the house

Initially, I wanted to limit the number of objects I should have in my new house, to 100 pieces.
Then I realise it's a crazy thought.
Unless I could cook, eat or sleep on Japanese masking tapes.


I decided to create a list of things that should be in the various parts of the house, or rooms.
It's not important at all.
I just did it so that I could practise my handwriting.

And maybe the list may come in handy when I want to organise my new home in the near future.
Like what I need to buy.

I had to include pegs when a friend emphasized their importance. She told me she bought EVERYTHING for her new home except pegs. And she realised it only after doing her laundry.

In order to make the list attractive (to me!), I did up a simple cover with scrapbook paper, adhesive tape and a little of the Japanese masking tape.

No glue! No mess!I'm now officially in with my list.

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