Sunday, February 27, 2011

Something blue.

I'm in love with my blue ring file.
And it's a steal. Tagged at $3.90.
I got it just before my wedding because it was that beautiful wedding colour.

I'm crazily in love with my blue ring file.
I could take it out from the bookshelf and just smile at it.
This is my happy colour.

I'm silly like that.

It used to house all my wedding things. Bills, receipts, warranties.
But that's about it.

Earlier this year, I transferred all the bills, warranties and receipts to another apple green file I got.
And made this into a 'MY NEW HOUSE' kind of organiser. (Inspired by kikki.K)

I made a front cover for it.
In happy turquoise.
And decorated with some Japanese masking tape so it doesn't look so plain.

I jotted down the differences between a 'house' and a 'home'.
I created a questionnaire so that we can create a home we love.

I filed in the list of 'home things' that I wrote,
all the inspirations I got from magazines,
and others I dreamt of.

Yes. I'm silly like that.

I'm not organised.
I just hope that I'll be disciplined enough to update the file as I go along.
Complete with photos of the creation of our dream home.
Then one day, this ring file should sit together in the living room with all our wedding albums.\

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