Thursday, May 16, 2013

The poor lion quits.

So, Singa the courtesy has decided to call it quits.

That poor lion.
I've seen it since I was a wee kid, telling people to move to the rear of the bus.
20 odd years later, there's still an issue with 'people moving to the rear of buses".
All his other messages didn't quite seem to get to the masses too.

That is one tough job.
Reminding people to be gracious and kind.


Do we really need a mascot to remind us of that?
Graciousness and kindness.
Well, having one would be nice. For the little ones.
This lion left a deep impression since I was a young child.
I really think adults don't need an animal/cute mascot to remind them to be kind.

Shouldn't qualities like this be innate?
At least to the majority of the people?
We are supposedly the smarter lot in the entire animal kingdom and even real animals know how to be kind.

Even if it isn't part of us now, can't it be taught and role-modelled to a young child?
(Start from the family please. It's too late to wait for school teachers to do that.
And it's your job, parents.)
Increasing anger and unhappiness = lack of kindness?

Is this even an equation?
I think it's an excuse.

Some days I do wonder if the unhappiness and anger has got to do with our increasing need for material goods. And possibly our sense of entitlement.
'Contentment' don't seem too common anymore.

When I was a wee one, lives were hard (well, quite), people were less rich, BUT people seem happier. And warm. There definitely were more smiles. Even between neighbours.

Maybe, we just need to take a step back and look at what we have.
And learn to appreciate what we have (that many others elsewhere probably don't.)
We have transport. We need not walk for miles just to get to places.
We have a roof over our heads. Yes, it's not cheap at all for a tiny size apartment but hey, we have a roof over our heads.
We have the opportunity to be receive education. (And mandatory too, for 10 years)

There are so many things worth appreciating and being happy about.

And do a kind deed each day.
You'll make someone's day.
And yours too.

Why not start by holding the lift doors open and smiling at your neighbours?
It's that simple.

[Disclaimer: This whole post is such a mess. There's so much going on in my head. And I digress.
But in any case, happiness, kindness and graciousness are all by choice. They do make the world a better place.
Oh. And the orange asterisks? Those are in honour of my favourite lion, Singa.]

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