Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Baggage

A dear friend came over yesterday for a chat.
Turns out both of us are holding on to a 'baggage'.
A baggage that weighs you down.
And makes you a lesser person than you are.
One that draws away happiness.
One that feeds anger and negative thoughts, leading to probable decisions that are not-too-wise.

I have been holding on to my baggage for years.
Each time I say that I have already come to terms with it, I'll realise later, that I haven't.
It is still there.
Perhaps with each "I've gotten over it!", the baggage got smaller.
But it hasn't been removed completely.
An incident or event will likely uncover that baggage again.


I'm learning to let go of it completely.

Because there's no need for me to live the lives of others.
Or be affected by what was said and done.
I shall not succumb to comparisons.
Nor envy and wrath.

I decide my happiness myself.
No one can make me happy other than myself.

One day,
that baggage will be gone forever.

Yes it will.

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