Thursday, May 02, 2013

Something old, something new.

It’s a good day.
Not too warm. Not too bright.
Perfect for recovering from a visit from dear old migraine.

It’s such a good day that I am able to sit in from of my laptop venture through the dusty, long forgotten archives of the World Wide Web. 
To find my old blog.

Those pre-marriage-schooling-to-just-starting-work-days. My little innocent brain containing such naïve innocent thoughts about life as an adult.
I  remembered the password and I think I deserve a pat on my back.


I read through the entries. All 110 of them.  From 2005 – start of 2009.
Some things have changed. Some, remained the same..

The family

I had such frequent family functions back then.
BBQs, dinners, movie dates, karaoke dates, parties...
Those good old days where most of the cousins are still schooling and everyone could afford the time to hang out with each other.


I write about my siblings like a proud momma.
Especially little brother.
I posted each time the then-eleven year old him cooked for me.
Egg sandwich, scrambled eggs…
He cooks the best egg dishes in the entire family.

The changes

And boy, have I changed…

I shopped a lot.
There were so many entries on shopping. 
Buying stuff like nail varnish, notebooks, wallets, more notebooks, miniatures, bookmarks, more notebooks…. And spending a fortune on them.

Such a luxury with our single income right now.


I drank a lot of coffee back then.
Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Starbucks, Coffee Bean.. Repeat.
I say byebye to coffee now because my tummy simply doesn’t agree with them. 


I made Christmas cards.
I actually had the time to make cards. I stopped after I started working.


My vocabulary hasn’t been fantastic since I was a kid.
I am bad with big words.
I use words like ‘nice’, ‘good’, and ‘bad’ excessively.
I miss the Secondary School days where I flipped through the thesaurus all the time. I should get myself one now.
The old blog didn’t look so bad then. It had no fancy words but it had variety. 
Let’s just say it got worse now.


I was so much happier then.
Disclaimer: The change has got nothing to do with being married, I swear.

Well, maybe not exactly happier but I did have a pretty good sense of humour.
The blog had its fair share of not-too-happy posts but hey, they turned out to be quite funny.
And candid.
I didn't even know I wrote funny blog posts back then.
I have no idea where my sense of humour has gone.
It's taken too long a holiday.
I think it's time it returns.

The realization

So, I have been having nagging backaches since my uni days..
And working life brought along gastritis plus all the other issues, which got worse as time passes.


I had been feeling lousy since I started working.
I didn’t know that till I read the entries again.
I didn’t even know I was ‘plagued’ so often by migraine attacks and backaches back then.
Those MCs  I took was a huge blow to my self esteem.
Back in 2007.
Ah... It all makes sense now.
I had been unhappy about my health all along!!

The one thing that hasn’t changed?
I’m perpetually craving for a holiday. 

Of course, I had tonnes of other happy moments which I'm glad I documented.
I'd long forgotten about them and reading through the entries again did bring back happy memories.

Excuse me while I go figure out what my hubby-then-boyfriend surprised me with on my birthday in 06'.
At the moment, we both have no idea.

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