Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Huat ah!

1. Daddy was on leave on Monday so my family managed to have a dimsum lunch together. After so long. (The lil brother had lessons.)

2. I love the custard buns from Imperial treasure.

3. I love my sister's bunny nails. She painted them herself. She's so talented.

4. Her bunny nails are greedy.

5. A pedicure session after lunch with the sister. Love.That ECO pedi is good!

6. Daddy invited a lion dance troupe to our place. They decided to arrive 2 hours ealier than scheduled. It was a bad case of miscommunication. No one is really at fault but poor hubby and brother rushed over after work/lessons only to miss the lion dance.

7. Simple dinner after that. Mummy can braised the pork better in 1 hour than we did in 2 hours.

8. I requested for piggy nails. And my sis painted them on from me.
  I love my short nails again.

That's 8 things on Monday.
Huat ah!

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