Friday, February 15, 2013

CNY 2013 (and some thoughts)

Hello, Year of the Water Snake!

* One week before the Chinese New Year holidays, my dear ones came over for some CNY baking.

These are easy to make. Everything took us close to 5 hours beacuse we had to air-fry the crab sticks in small batches.
I made more for Mummy and my Mom-in-law on Chinese New Year Eve.
It was madness but the crabsticks turned out to be hit among relatives.
Trans fat free fried crabsticks seems to be a good selling point.

* Deep cleaned the house and learnt that windows should be wiped once a week (especially when dust builds up fast where I stay).

* A painful lesson taught us to wipe down the showers every night so that we will not break our backs trying to clean off scum in the bathroom some time after.

* Reunion dinner at Mummy's.

* My camera is very much neglected this festive season. Since the iPhone can pretty much do the job. Looking at last year's photos, I think it's time to bring the G11 back.

* Lack of CNY updates. I must have become lazy after I shifted house. Maybe it's because I feel less of the festive mood. Maybe it's really quiet this year. Maybe it doesn't help that my laptop is hooked to the TV.

 * I didn't even shop for new clothes and shoes just before CNY. I've been hiding the dresses lil' sis got for me just so I won't wear them. I pulled all of them out and got them washed just before CNY. For the first day, I put together a  'dress'  with a trapeze top I got from HongKong 2 years back and a skirt. The trapeze top is very new. Apparently
 it was too big and I didn't know how to wear it, so it got chucked in some corner of the closet.

* My baby brother made my day when he told me to send him the photo we took, because he wanted to put it on Instagram. Yay! to the end of those awkward stage of adolescence!

* My brain is still on a CNY break.
So here are the very few photos I took over the CNY break.
I really need my G11 back.

Mummy made these pretties.
It was a rainy CNY. Perfect shoes for the weather.

It was a dragon for the Year of the Dragon. Onlt right that we get a "Snake' yusheng this year.

And, the 15-day celebrations continue this weekend. :)

 Happy Chinese New Year!

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