Saturday, February 16, 2013

A simple Valentine's celebration

Because I'm not working, we had a really simple. homecooked Valentine's day dinner this year.

Never mind that the fish tastes a little bland, and the fries were soggy.
It's the company that counts.
Those are carrot hearts in a mountain of broccoli.
We are catching up on the greens after the lack of proper meals during the few days of CNY visiting.

The boy is not much of a 'gift' person. He feels love through 'acts of service'.
I'm pretty sure he appreciates me sending an item he accidentally left at home to him at work more than this little gift he received.

With little notecards containing various quotes he could change into.
I have to do things like that on special days like this.
It's tradition.

I was hoping he would bring it to work.


I got a small whiteboard from Ikea and washi-taped the sides.
On that same day, I washi-taped everything else I bought.


Cut out some note cards and trim the corners with a corner cutter. (I have to justify why I bought it in the first place.)

Wrote and doodled some nice quotes I found from Pinterest

Sorted them into three piles : Love quotes, Happy quotes, Life quotes.

Mounted it onto $2 photo frame from Daiso


And meaningful.
(At least I think so.)

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day!

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