Thursday, December 06, 2012

3 years

This man (then boy) walked into my life 13 years ago.

He did things that were too childish for a 16-year-old and made me carry an entire class of (empty) files just because he was the English rep(resentiative). But I was the co-class rep then?

But he also made me study for Physics when he called to ask about questions he obviously knew the answers to.
He acted silly so that I would smile.
He sang (for that one and only time) when I really needed to cry but my usually active tear glands went on strike.
He brought me places, and widened my horizons.
He taught me things I didn't know.

This man, though sometimes a grumpy old man, dotes on me in his own little ways.
And I know he'll be an amazing daddy to our future kids.
Even if he doesn't believe in Santa Claus.

3 years of married life and we still bicker a lot. But which couple doesn't?

We grew up together, and
we'll grow old and stronger together as well.

Thank you for the wonderful (dozen) years together.
Happy wedding anniversary!

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