Thursday, November 22, 2012


This is the time I'm once again, very thankful to the husband who allowed me to quit my previous job. Of course, he hasn't been a perfect 'employer' with occasional nagging.

But because I don't really have a schedule now, I'm finally able to meet up with my dear friends and my beloved. It means so, so, sooooo much to me to have time with my friends and family.

These past 2 weeks have been wonderful.

I get to hang out with dear {S}...

and my beloved....

and we attempted baking....

and happy mail arrived and we started getting ready for christmas..

And coffee once again with dear {W}.

I attempted to pretty up the dining area.
I actually had time to sit and cut out the circles.
And blu-tack them to the string and lace.

These girls and dear hubby got me wonderful gifts.

We are hanging out coming Saturday.

I started a mini project today.
Rather than writing it in the blog, it's always better to keep a handwritten copy.

This is gonna be yet another good week. :)

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