Monday, November 26, 2012

"Oh the places you'll go!"

My place is white and cream.
Very white and cream.
Something went wrong somewhere when I was deciding the colour palette of my space during renovations.
Pinterest gave me the idea that white would be a good space to work with, and it looks great with pops of colours.

Only that the pops of colours did not happen.


I attempted to add colours to the library area by putting a huge ikea frame complete with my ugly doodles. And some bright pink and green ikea boxes. It looks barely okay but at least it's not just white.


A huge mess decorated my dining area so it didn't look that plain and empty until I had to clean up the area because I had guests.
It. is. so. white.

It was meant to be the place we display out travel memorabilia.
Only that it didn't happen.
It just didn't seem practical.

So, I did up some frames to be stuck on the walls at the living area.
I liked that it didn't cost a lot.
($2 frames, $1.50 scrapbook paper cut to size, some left over index cards, and the washi tapes I already have.)

We like to go places so I thought it'll be nice to have something travel related in the home.
I doodled some pictures of the places we have been to, or the things we have done on index cards.

(Have I ever told anyone how much I love index cards? I do. That time I couldn't really bear to spend on an autograph book when I went to Disney, I convinced my sister, and myself  that we should use index cards cuz it's interesting and it's easier for us to put them in the album with the photos later on. Thankfully the characters and casts are nice and quite a few complimented on our creativity in using the cards instead. Till this day I'm still proud of how we managed to turn a possibly sad (becuse we couldn't afford an autograph book) situation into a positive one.)

 I wrote down the places we've been to, as well as the year of travel.
Those countries with no doodles, just take it as I ran out of space in the frame.
Even though the truth is, I really have difficulty doodling some.

The frame above was dedicated to our honeymoons (yeah, we had the first, and second, and third).
That explains the fancy washi tape compared to this one.
I don't like to adhere the cards with glue because I might want to change up the display, or re use the scrapbook paper.

I was trying to test out if I should do anything to the frame so i stuck some black washi on one.
Black didn't work so well.

I still have not done anything to the frames yet.
I might stain it.
Or paint it bright.
Or decoupage.

For now, I'm leaving as it is.
There's still an incomplete third frame that would has one of my favourite Dr Seuss quotes.
I'm still searching for the fonts.
And waiting for my toy to be set up.

Till then, <$8 and a happy girl.

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