Wednesday, June 06, 2012

{Domesticated!} - Happycall

The Happycall craze have been on for quite a while.
And there was a simple reason to why I haven't jumped on the bandwagon earlier on.

You see, Mummy has a Happycall lookalike a year before Happycall entered the local market scene.
Mummy's pan has got the grill and is detachable.
It hasn't got the silicon sealer so the gravy and liquids would escape the pan when she flips it over.
But who cares??

She has the grill.
The pans are detachable.
And you can use a metal spatula to scrap the pan and nothing will happen to it.
So for the longest time, I've always felt that Mummy's first generation pan was more authentic than the Happycall.

Was I tempted it getting the pan?
A little.
The red pan does look quite good but it. has. NO. grill.

Until I saw that they launched the Happycall Ocher Jumbo Grill pan.

This has got a grill!
Not detachable, but still, a grill!
I was sold.
But I don't trust online shopping.


One day, the lil' santa lugged two pans back from Kimchi-land (South Korea).
And so, I joined the Happycall family.

I'm not sure what I can whip up with this.
I'm not a good cook.
But I'm happy.
Happy indeed.

Cuz my new toy has got the grill. :)

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