Monday, March 12, 2012

Feeling like an awesome lady.

Every first day of the term break, I feel like a proud housewife.

I'll wake up early in the mornings to get all the household chores done (hopefully before lunch) so that I can have the rest of the day to myself.  And, I get to do anything I want.

Today's the first day of the March break and I'm enthusiastic, as usual. :)
The day started at 8.30am after an episode of "Steven and Chris".

I dusted the cabinets.
Put the laundry to wash.
Swept the floors.
Ironed. I really wanted to watch the TV at this point. To make it guilt-free, I needed to do some chores. And ironing is the best chore to do while watching TV!
Mopped. I'm glad I used Method's wood floor cleaner. The floor still smells of almond now. :D

All done by 11 am.  :D

And I cooked myself lunch.
Lazy lunch.

Now you know why I feel like a proud housewife?

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