Monday, February 20, 2012

One Lazy Monday Night

What's on my mind right now...
                                                                                  Yes, it's a mess

It's Monday and I'm getting the blues from all the talking at work. 8 hours non-stop.
Well, almost.
Now my throat hurts and I'm running away from flu.


I just realised that the Valentine's Day post was my 100th. Wow.

I'd planned to do something big for the 100th post. Guess I missed it.


I'd had one of the nicest cousin hang-out yesterday.
It is so timely.
I didn't manage to have the 'make-up V'day dinner' I was hoping for. But I managed to meet up with this awesome bunch of people who makes me laugh till my tummy hurt so bad.
I'm still waiting for the photos from Cousin W.
Can't wait for those silly shots! As usual.


This is what my freezer compartment looks like right now.

Can you see those lovely tubs of happiness?

My eyes are on 'Phish Food'.

I hate how the fridge's alarm will sound after it's left open for a while.
It makes taking of photos rather challenging.
And that also means that you'll never catch me trying to sneak some midnight snack using the dim lights from the fridge.

See 'Phish Food'?



  1. I'm going to invite myself over soon so I can raid your freezer. You might want to lock it up! ;)