Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fluffy Happiness

I've always loved clouds as a child.
Fluffy ones.
Wispy ones.
Orange ones.
Pink ones.

It must be Daddy. He likes to show us all things nature.
We were that weird family who would take a walk in the park and suddenly squat down just because Daddy wants to show us some of the edible plants he used to grow in the kampung.
Or we would be all looking up at the sky because the sunset is gorgeous.
He'll make us wake up at 5.30am so that we can watch the sunrise at the beach.
Or he'll wake us up so that we can look at the wonderful cloud formations in the sky.

I remember kneeling at the sofa with little sister, trying to spot shapes in the clouds.


I'm glad I moved to what I call the 'suburbs' of my sunny island.
Because they are still developing the area, I get a wonderful view of the sky.
Today is one such special day.
The cloud formations were simply amazing.
I cannot stop smiling and kept clicking away.

With my iphone....

With my camera....

I'm glad I get to see the kites too.

Even at night.

And I realise that I can catch a glimpse of sunrise in the morning....

To catch the sunset, I'll just have to spend 2 minutes, cross the road to the next estate and this is what I can see...

I'm loving every moment of it and truly appreciating what I enjoy now because I know once they start developing the area, I probably won't get to enjoy such an awesome view.

Till then, everyday will be wonderful as I enjoy my little 'suburban' scene.


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