Monday, December 12, 2011

{Christmas Countdown} Themeparks make Christmas special... {Korea}


{W} was studying in Korea so {S} and I flew over for a long-awaited 'all-girls'-trip".

.... stayed in an awesomely secluded guesthouse in Jeju,

.... went for 'Nanta', paid SGD50 for front row seats with opportunities to participate on stage (such great experience!),

.... made snowpeople and snowbunnies,

.... almost had a snowball fight,

.... ate a lot everyday,

.... had Coffee Bean late at night

We were there early December but it feels Christmas in Everland.
Even though I wasn't quite sure about Everland at first, (I mean... how can it be better than Disney?), theme parks DO make Christmas special.

The park, decked with Christmas decorations.
The staff/crew in their Christmas costumes.
The parades.
The songs.
It's like being transported to another world.
Theme parks are magical like that.

Did I mention that the fireworks in Everland is gorgeous?
I was sobbing halfway through the fireworks.
It was that magical.

I miss those crazy fireworks.
I miss the girly times.
I love how themeparks makes Christmas so magical.

I wished I could upload the video here. But I can't.

So let me leave you with this:

PS: By now you'd have noticed that all my 'Christmas countdown' posts are reminiscences of my past trips. For the first time in 7 years, I'm not leaving my sunny island in December. I'm surviving on past holiday (photos) as well as holiday photos that friends and fanily post on Facebook.
I'm that pathetic.

I've managed to upload the short video. Not a full video though cuz my memory card reached its limit halfway through the show. My dear girls.. for you to enjoy.
Honestly.. don't you think our conversation sound so funny?

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