Friday, November 18, 2011

What have I achieved?

Have you ever had moments where you started doing something that you usually would not, and wonder why on earth you did it?

Like how I just switched on my laptop and decided to do a google search for my best friend in Primary School? Even though we were essentially only besties from Primary Three to Five because I don't exactly know what happened, but we stopped talking to each other until the release of PSLE results. And all these even before I logged into Pinterest? (Pinterest and blog-reading were usually the priorities when the laptop is switched on)

I'm quite glad to find out that she's currently doing rather well in the entertainment field.
Then while poking my nose in her Facebook page, I found out that she's classmates with my once-close Secondary School friend who is also doing well in entertainment/media.

Then I think of all the other classmates who are lawyers and doctors and some, who are doing pretty well in the financial sector.

And I found myself asking the question.

  "What have I achieved?"

Just a couple of hours ago, I was talking to my friends at work over lunch about how it didn't seem like I was in the job for 5 years. Because I still felt very much like a newbie, not achieving much.

Why did I even attempt to do a google search on a long-lost friend?
Was it just simply just to find out how she's doing?

Someone told me once that everything happens for a reason.
After thinking about it for a while, I realise the very question I asked, might be the reason.

 "What have I achieved?"

Since young, I measured success not by wealth, but by happiness.
I'm gonna try to make a short list of the things I've achieved.
You may not agree with most of them.
But, at least, that's what I think it is.

* I was a rather good kid.
I went to school without giving my parents any trouble. And I made it to the university.
I made my parents proud.

* I provided a good listening ear to most people.
My family, my friends, the little people.

* My childhood ambition was to be a teacher. Or a loving wife/mother (read: domestic engineer)
Though I'm not very good at it, I fulfilled one of them and I'm working towards the other.

* I married the man.
Who is always there for me.
Even though he gets irritating at times. (And that's why I needed this.)

* I'm setting up my home with the man. Our home actually.

*I made the (some of) the little people feel good about themselves.
I may not be good at producing wonderful results.
But I made a few people look at the things they hated in a different perspectives.
And they soon learnt to accept it. And like it.
Just only a few people.
But I'm glad I entered their life and made that wee difference.

* I believed in the little people.
Though I complain about them a lot at times, I believed in them.
So that they believe in themselves.

So, that's what I've achieved.

(that was a loooong post.)

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