Sunday, November 13, 2011

{Little Bits of Married Life #2} - You speak my language!

That day while getting ready to go out....

Him: Huh.. So formal..I thought you are going to wear your Birkies...

Me: (raises eyebrow) You know what Birkies are?

Him: Ya... Birkenstock.

Me: Wow!!! You know Birkies...! You speak my language! I should give you a dinosaur name!!!

Him: What's yours?

Me: Q..... dactyl

Him: Ok. I'm Hanniesaurus. You can go and tell your friends (referring to the bunch of friends who have their own dinosaur names) that now.

Me: -.-

(Score: Hubby - 1   Me - 0)

A couple of hours later at Mummy's...

Me: Why Hanniesaurus, hubby? Why not 'something- Rex' or 'something - ratops'?
         (You do agree that those sound more 'manly' right?)

In all cheekiness, this usually practical and unromantic boy gave me the answer that will shut me up.

Him: Hannienector. :)

Me:  -.-
        Hah! Hannienector as in 'honey-nectar'? H-O-N-E-Y      N-E-C-T-A-R?

Him: *grins*

Me: ... ... ...

(Score: Hubby - 2   Me - 0)

We both know he's kidding. This dinosaur name will not stay for long..

(PS: If you see the hubby, please please do not call him 'hanniesaurus' or 'hannienector'. I don't think he really means it when he told me that I can tell my friends that.)

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