Saturday, October 08, 2011

{Weekend Walks}

In my super afforable Havaianas (from secret Santa) and summer dress.
                            And my feet looking like man's feet. :(

While I read crafting blogs and momma blogs like this, this and this,
the hubby read blogs like this and food blogs.

Through this blog, we found a dimsum place in Aljunied Cresent.
I'm no foodie so I can't give proper food reviews.
All I can say is that the food makes me happy.

All of these for only $15!

The Char Siew Chee Cheong Fun is handmade upon ordering.
Love the skin, though it's a little thick for me.

Prawn Dumplings

The Fried Yam Puff had the hubby woooo-ing and wow-ing, even though he can be a rather fussy eater.


We popped by ToTT (Tools of the Trade) today, hoping that they sell pastel-coloured knives.

I first came across ToTT in this post. When I first read about it, I was rather convinced that whatever they are selling in ToTT is not going to be cheap.

We went to Sia Huat instead (ToTT and Sia Huat are kinda related). And I realise that they don't have knives that come in pastel colours. :(
So I had to give ToTT a try. No?

Well, sadly, ToTT does not carry knives in pastel colours either. They carry the same knives as Sia Huat does. In fact, most of the products are similar in both stores (they are related after all!), only that ToTT has a wider variety and is a more pleasant place to shop in because it's a lot bigger and slightly more organised. They've got fancy cake tins, cupcakes liners and toppers kit... you name it.

Since we were going to get really basic knives from Sia Huat and ToTT is having a sale cuz they are celebrating their birthday, it only made sense for us to purchase everything from ToTT instead.

We got ourselves a bread knife, two chef's knives (one for cooked food and the other raw. I was pretty determined to get one knife each for fish, meat, veggie, and cooked food. But everyone thought I was crazy), a vegetable knife, the kettle which was on promotion, a mini soufflé cup (for home decor purposes) for $90+. I thought that was a pretty good deal because we got to purchase a cocktail shaker (don't know why I need it in the first place) and two cute mugs for one buck each.

The hubby set his eyes on a pizza stone which we do not need cuz how many times are we going to bake pizzas? and I think we're going to go back for it.


Anyway, the weekend walk ended with lunch from Earle Swensen's.

I'll now rest my tummy for lunch with the girls tomorrow.

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