Monday, June 27, 2011

The Wife Cooked!

After weeks of having packed meals, I finally got sick of it and decided to attempt cooking.

Actually, I was just really really lazy to go get packed lunch and since there were some ingredients in the fridge, cooking lunch seemed like the easy way out.

It turned out edible and was rather delicious.  =)
So I got a little too excited and attempted fried rice the same night.

Fried Rice (that was supposed to be garlic rice)
I didn't have any leftover rice so the 'freshly cooked' ones turned out a little too wet to be fried.
Nonetheless, edible =) And rather pleasing. =)
Soggy 'Claypot' Chicken Rice
The following night, I tried out 'claypot chicken rice'. Turned out waaaaay too soggy, it was almost like congee. ;(

Aglio Olio with prawns

And finally, pasta which I'm rather proud of. Credit goes to that bottle of olive oil from Greece and the recipe from NoobCook. But it turned out so well I almost got instant employment from the hubby. Almost. =D


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