Saturday, June 18, 2011

I ♥ blogland

These are the blogs I read everyday, without fail. Unless I do not have internet access, of course. But that will make me very very sad.
Coincidentally, all of them are mummies and most of them
1. craft
2. have 2 kids or more
3. have a positive outlook in life, and
4. they inspire.

♥  Under The Sycamore
♥  IHeartOrganizing ♥  WhiMSylove
♥  Whatever
♥  Little Miss Momma
♥  Sunny Side Up
♥  Zakka Life
♥  eighteen25

Unfortunately, I'm a whiner who is getting more and more negative about my life.
I need inspirations.
I need to make myself happy again (thus this blog!)
And I realise with the blog url, I cannot, and should not post anything unhappy at all.

I'm gonna let blogland heal me.
And hopefully in time to come, I'll become this:

And to lil' sis: If you are reading this, let's go out someday!
And I can't wait for the day your house is close to mine! =)

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