Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Working Wife

Sometimes I wonder how many women out there could juggle work, and family.
By that, I meant household chores.
And some, could even juggle work and family (chores and children). W-o-w.
Like, seriously.

I work a 'close-to-12-hour' shift everyday, plus two to three more hours of preparation or ticking when I'm home. I only need to wash the dishes after dinners and iron the clothes twice a week.
That's about all the chores I do on weekday nights.

And I can't even iron properly.

As least I felt so when the hubby told me what his boss told him that morning.
Something like "You are so early today. Even your shirt is not ironed. Hahaha.."


I did iron the shirt!
The night before.
After I did all my work.



I'm not going to trust those 'wrinkle free' labels again.


This totally shouldn't be in this blog.
But I need help from blogland.

Any tips on ironing so that the 'already ironed' left side of the shirt does not crease when I'm trying to press the right side?

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