Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Good Old Days - WHENIWASFOUR


This has been popping up on my Instagram feed later.
I had to do a search.

How cute are these old school snack badges?

Old School Snack Badges

And this HUGE five stone plushie?

Polka 01 Five stone plushie

I certainly don't mind necklaces like these too.

 5 stones Necklace | White Polka on Green SET     5 stones Necklace SET | White Polka on Mustard

Alas, this is yet 'Shopping in my dreams' post.

With big plans coming along (and a significantly reduced household income - seriously I didn't know I contributed this much to the family), these are all but luxury items :)

Thank goodness I'm rather imaginative, and at this age, can engage in pretend-play rather well.
I'll have no problems pretending that a huge five stone plushie is actually sitting on my couch right now, and I'm typing all of these wearing one of  those cute necklaces.

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