Thursday, November 15, 2012

My jar of happiness...

Over the Deepavali holiday, while the man was needing some 'me time', a jar of happiness appeared on the bookshelves.

This was what I posted on Instagram.
A wee bit closer to Christmas.
Jar - $5.90
Baubles and acorns - $4
Cutting up acorns - 5 min
The smile on my face - Priceless.            
I doesn't look like much and even a little incomplete but I was mad happy after everything was thrown together.
It might be the gold.
Or the glitter.
Maybe the acorns.         
Or it might be just how easy everything came together.
I had the jar from Ikea for quite a while. I had wanted to put the washing detergent in it so it looks pretty in the laundry area. But that jar is heavy. And it doesn't seem like a smart idea anymore. So it sat in my other bookshelf collecting dust bunnies.
I saw the acorns in Daiso last Christmas and because we didn't have my own place yet, and the "This-is-for-our-new-place" box is full, I had to give it up. Thank goodness they have it this year. Never mind they have it as a wreath now. I cut up the wires to separate the acorns.
$2 for an acorn wreath and I used less than half of it.
The baubles are from Daiso too. $2. Light plastic. Some scratches but not so bad.
Just put everything in the jar.. and ta-dah.
Gold, glittery goodness. :)
This is a long post for one tiny jar of happiness.

Pine cones!
Those are pine cones. Not acorns!!


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