Thursday, October 04, 2012

So I left for the better...

Exactly three months ago, I left my job to become a homemaker.
We were hoping that I can be a stay-at-home-mum soon but well, babies don't come from vending machines.

Even though I'd wanted to be a homemaker all my life, it wasn't an easy decision.
After all, I became the woman I didn't want to be.
I spend on facial treatments and products.
I spend on bags that cost more than a hundred dollars. (and that is already considered expensive.)
I spend on pedicure packages.
I eat good food with my friends and sister. Seldom the poor boy. I feel so guilty.
I buy stationery and papers and fabric and what-nots at a whim.
I walk into a store and walk out $50 poorer.

Not working would mean that I have to change my lifestyle and be the thrifty me again.

Three months into not getting a salary, I'm thankful for many things.
These are the things that tell me I've made the right choice.

I get to spend more time with my sister.

While I was still working, it was difficult to meet up with the sister. Especially with her irregular schedule. I wasn't able to respond to her messages fast enough. And when she texts me late at night due to the difference in time zone, it was difficult to wake up.

Shortly after I quit my job, I was able to talk to her on Tango when she was overseas.
I saw the things she bought. Real time.
I could reply her texts fast enough.
I could go shopping with her, hang out, have lunch and go for pedicures together.

This means so, sooooooo much to me.

I get to spend more time with my family.

I haven't been going out with my cousins much after we started working.
Weekday nights were out because I'll be paranoid about work the next day.
Sunday nights were out because I'll be jittery thinking about work. (There's just something about school that does this to me.)

I managed to have lunch with the cousin.
And we managed to slot a day for ktv sessions.

That day at Granny's birthday celebration, I was at ease.
It was a Sunday yet I need not worry about work.
I could concentrate and soak myself in the celebrative atmosphere.
It was the first time I wasn't panicky.
If I was still working then, I'll be thinking about wanting to go home as early as possible to make sure that I have all the work stuff in place. I wouldn't be able to participate fully.
My poor uncle was setting worksheets the entire time.

My family means a great deal to me.

We get along better. (Ok.. this is going to get a little mushy..)

Not that we have always been quarreling a lot.
But when we were both working and each feeling the stress from work, communication is affected.
There was a time we were both snappy, no matter how hard we tried not to.
And a common phrase exchanged was "I'm already feeling stressed because of work."
We were both guilty of that.
It was tough.

Now as a homemaker, we feel the love more.

I'm happy the hubby is so supportive.
I'm glad that not working doesn't mean the end of holidays and 'pretty me' packages.
I'm glad he's encouraging me to sign up for packages I need.
I'm thankful I have more time to listen to him.
I'm thankful I get to cook.
I'm happy he is suddenly more patient.

Maybe it's because he feels more relaxed now that he has a private massuer.
Maybe because I complain less.
Maybe I'm constantly reminding him that he has the best wife in the world.

I'm not sure how things will turn out if our savings keep decreasing.
I know I should get a job soon.
And we both know that even if I didn't get a job and good news come along, we'd still be happy.

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