Thursday, September 13, 2012


I've been following Little Miss Momma for quite a while now.
I like that she's so real.
In her blog, you do not find the perfect world.
She's very honest about her fears, as well as things that don't work.
She makes you feel that you are not alone.
When I was feeling down some time back, I re-read her blog alot.

I love her love story.
I hope she writes the next part soon.
She has a wonderful husband and two adorable sons.

This is her latest post.
It made me smile big on a not-so-wonderful day.

It makes me wanna have babies even more.
Dear storks, you hear that?
I should show this to the hubs.
He needs to learn how to sing like that.

A beatutiful voice.
A beautiful song from a wonderful dad.
The perfect response from the little one.

I hope Ashley doesn't mind me posting this.
This is for you, Ally. :)


  1. Awwwww, thanks for dedicating this to me, dear! But it's only another reminder that Ally is NOWHERE near getting a husband! *cries*

    1. Nooo Ally!
      Mr Right will come with the change in work environment, no?

      I just thought this will make you smile. :)