Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Granny's Birthday Celebration ♥

Happiness is this simple.

The family got together to celebrate Granny's 85th birthday last Sunday.

It was simple.
No expensive catered food.
But those that the mums cooked with love.

An aunt got 100 longevity buns for the occasion.
Another aunt had grand plans to arrange the buns shaped like a heart.
The grandchildren executed the plan.
The boys unwrapped the buns, the girls arranged them.
The plate is too small.
Someone suggested putting them on the table.
We scrambled to get it ready.
Some cut open the plastic bag,
some arranged the bags,
and some got the buns ready.
Teamwork. As a family.


This year's card is simple.

Each of the grandchildren wrote our message on a blackboard.
Never mind the boys decided to go with the criminal look.
Each wrote their own message for Granny.
With thought. With love.
It's simple like that.
No phones. No distraction.

After the birthday song, 30 of us sang Granny her favourite song.
Someone had the lyrics printed out and it was distributed in advance.
It was almost like a performance.
Or a mass family KTV session.
Even Granny sang along.
Her memory is failing but she remembers all the words to the song.
It was amazing.
The song ended with Granny's daughters planting kisses on her face.

I always thought this is a song for lovers but we had just taken the meaning of the song to a different level.

That night,
I had leftovers for dinner.
 It is the first time leftovers actually taste so good.

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